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What is it?

Multris® is a second generation block game, taking the concept to new heights. It requires planning in order to work out the best and fastest ways to complete each level, as well as speed to cope with some levels where everything is just fast!

The difference compared to other block games is that the aim isn't to complete lots of lines before moving to the next level: instead the aim is to complete the Challenge associated with each level.

Because some of the Challenges are, well, challenging, Multris gives you 2 playing areas - 2 screens which you can switch between to help you to work on each Challenge


Simply: we don't know of any other game like it, so it's unique!

More to come

Multris is going to grow with each new release. There will be new levels with harder Challenges, but, also, there will be new hazards and new tools to maximise your chances of success.


Multris involves simple, thoughtful gameplay to both relax and to challenge the mind (and reflexes on the faster levels).

Each level has a Retry option - but use it wisely, as it's only available once per level during each gameplay session.

It's always possible to return to a previous level to improve tactics or to raise your high score for that level.


As the levels progress, the Challenges become harder in various ways. The goals become harder to achieve, and, sometimes, the bricks fall fast enough to require quick thinking.

Each level has a limit on the number of lines that you can create before you fail the level, so planning is critical to avoid running out of lives.

Scores combine the efficiency of your tactics (we want you to push to the limit) and the speed with which you complete the level.

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