The Multris Family


Multris® is a family project: the Team consists of just 3 people who shared the dream of creating a game that others would enjoy.

We all have other jobs - we're not full-time game developers. Hopefully we have succeeded in creating a game as enjoyable as those created by the big games companies!

The Graphics Department


That's Emma!

If you like the way Multris looks, then you should thank Emma. Her day job doesn't involve any art, so Multris is one way that she's been able to express her visual creativity.

She has managed to transform vague requests for "something that looks good" into some excellent graphics.

The Music Department


That's mainly Matt.

Married to Emma and proud possessor of a fine beard, Matt is a professional by day and music man by night!

He can really play that guitar - honest - and has a wide musical knowledge (so he says).

Matt is a fan of vinyl - the round, flat sort!

He had a little help from Emma ...

Yes, not happy to just draw stuff, Emma also felt the urge to help with the sound effects.

Pictured here with the keyboard, she also accompanies Matt on ukulele and harmonica - sometimes.

The Rest


Blame Anthony.

He's responsible for overall game concept, design and coding. Also for "features" (bugs!) and anything that you don't like about the game.

No picture is available, so just imagine an old, grey guy. Anthony does not have a beard!

On the plus side, he is happy to be Emma's father and Matt's father-in-law - like we said, Multris is a family affair.

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