Frequently Asked Questions

Will Multris be available on Apple devices?


The Team will release an iOS version of Multris as soon as possible.
We wouldn't want to deprive Apple users of so much fun!
The first iOS version will match the latest Android version to ensure both communities have the same experience.

Isn't Multris just another Tetris clone?


Absolutely not.
While Multris is a block puzzle, it differs in many significant ways from Tetris ®.
Multris is the first next generation block puzzle, so Tetris players will naturally love it.

Will there be more levels?


With each new release, we aim to add new levels.
That's good news of course, but we will do more than just add levels: we will add new types of hazard, surprise features and tools to help you complete those Challenges.
This is just the start of the fun!

What's coming next?


As Multris evolves, we will aim to provide new tools and hazards.
The next release will have a Decelerator Tool to help those players who dislike fast levels: it will allow them to slow fast levels to normal speed.
As for hazards, well, you'll love what we've done to make some levels even harder. Be prepared to face some real Challenges!

Can Multris be completed without buying Magic Bricks or new lives?


It certainly can.
If you don't mind waiting for new lives, there's no need to buy any.
As for those Magic Bricks, they certainly help to get out of tricky spots, but all levels can be completed without them - given enough perseverance.

Why does the Retry button disappear after one use in a level?


To give players an easy introduction to each level, we've included the option to Retry the level - once.
If the Retry option were always available, it would make the challenge trivial - people would simply retry and retry until succeeding.
Also, the Retry option reappears when restarting the game, so it's always possible to have another quick practice session.

Is the game biased?


No - not in any way.
Sometimes you may find that you're waiting for a particular colour or shape and it doesn't appear - that's solely the result of probability. Multris does not prevent you from achieving your goal by biasing against you. Just be patient!

Some games use gold coins or bars to buy things - why doesn't Multris?


Well, gold bars and coins look good, but they make it harder to know how much you're spending on things.
We'd love you to buy more lives or Magic Bricks in Multris, but we want you to know how much you're spending when you do that.

In the game, you call blocks 'bricks' - why?


The reason is to avoid having two things called 'blocks'.
Some of the Challenges require the squares of each colour to lie together - to be contiguous - but we realised that 'contiguous' isn't a friendly word, and the best alternative we could think of was 'block'. So, we needed a new word for the things that fall down, and we decided that 'brick' was the most descriptive.

Why no ads?


We want to keep Multris advert-free.
In our opinion, ads distract from the game experience, so we will not be adding them to our game.

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